The Celebs quote on MillionWeddingPics
Some of the famous celebrities have shared their views and joy on MillionWeddingpics
Mahesh Dattani
Bollywood director, actor and writer
"The largest wedding album in the world- sounds like a grand idea! Wait till I change into my sherwani! I don't think we would all come together for a group photograph except at a family wedding. So in that sense, to me a wedding album is a useful document of your distant family. Along with memories of how youthful you were once upon a time,"
Piaa Bajpai
Actress and model
"Whenever I get to go home, I go through the wedding albums of my parents and sister. Looking through the photos, commenting on the clothes, the hairstyles and of course, the expressions and's all part of family bonding. Since I enjoy looking at wedding albums so much, I know I will love the one being made by you too. The largest wedding album is sure to be filled with love and emotion, and will be wonderful to witness the launch of such an amazing album. I am sure it'll be a treasure trove of emotions, as weddings tend to bring out emotions and expressions in all their glory.'
Amish Tripathi
Best-selling Indian author of the Shiva Trilogy
"I'd like to believe that a quick look at the wedding album now and then might even inspire couples to work harder on making their marriages happier. After all, they are the shiniest, most beautiful reminders of the best day of your life. To be a part of the largest wedding album would be a special moment, one that will be cherished for lifetimes to come."
Prasad Bidapa
well-known fashion choreographer/designer/stylist
"Wedding albums are a slice of history. It's nice that someone is doing this fabulous tribute to weddings, as it would give future generations a nice snapshot of various weddings traditions, through the ages. I have loads of childhood memories, sitting with my parents, going through their marriage photos, and listening to their stories about their special day. This largest album will be a revolution. Such experiences are to be cherished by every generation."
Suchitra Pillai
Actress and singer
"At my wedding, I remember getting each of the photos laminated within the album so that they would never get spoilt. Over the years, I have found myself going back to the album at least once every two months. These albums represent the best times of my life. This is why your idea of compiling the world's largest wedding album is a great one. It's bound to be a beautiful album, as everyone looks their best on their wedding. A huge collection of the happiest, most beautiful, in-love faces- what's not to love?"
"Every time life deals me a blow, I turn to my wedding album for reassurance that at least that one thing, the most important thing, is still stable in my life. Looking at my wedding photos makes me feel like the most blessed person on the planet...there is some reassuring quality about them, and a timeless beauty. It also obviously reminds me of how much I love my wife, so am sure all those featured in this big wedding album will feel elated"
Erum Ali
"I get this flutter in my heart every time I open the album, it's like I am reliving those wonderful moments, and I wish I could rewind time and go back. The largest wedding album you say? Oh wow, it is definitely something that I must see, and am sure it will bring smiles to more than a million faces."
Ganesh Venkatraman
"For me, the purpose of a wedding album is to relive happy memories as many times as I want. Though I do prefer the old-world charm of physical albums, I think the digital versions offer so much more- in terms of quality and quantity. Almost every household has at least one wedding album that is brought out when guests and relatives come visiting, as they are great conversation-starters; you can never tire of looking at two happy people on the most important day of their lives, can you? In that vein, I must also say that wedding albums these days have evolved so much- the photographic skill is so much more, the technology is's a treat for the eyes. I hope to get a glimpse of this wedding album that is being launched; it is going to be a bounty."
Adman Sharad Haksar
Renowned photographer
"A wedding album -- stylized or simple -- has a special place in every house. You may stash up in an attic somewhere, but the older generation always asks for it and love to look through the photos. And in time, a couple does get nostalgic about it. Digital photos may seem more in sync with the times, but a wedding album will never really lose its place. I am excited to see the largest album, to see how it has been done and what kind of photographs go into it."